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Only 1 in 20 users interact with ads on social networks


Just 4% of people have ever clicked on a banner ad on a social network, according to research by affiliate network LinkShare.

A study of 2,000 consumers found only 5% found ads on professional networks such as LinkedIn useful for purchasing decisions. This rose to 9% for ads on personal networks such as Facebook.

Despite the low interaction with ads on social networks, the research found only 18% of people considered them an interference. 

The least objectionable form of ads were vouchers and promotions, with just 11% of people finding them a hinderence, compared to 59% which thought them helpful.

The most intrusive forms were display (62%), direct mail (48%) and pre- and post-roll video (46%).

Liane Dietrich, LinkShare UK MD, said, “Although the research shows that ads on some of the mainstream social networks aren’t living up to the hype when it comes to click-through rates, this doesn’t necessarily mean that ads on community shopping networks and forums will be ineffective too. Companies need to remember that users logging on to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are there to network and not necessarily to shop.”

Brands that have launched major ad campaigns on social networks in recent weeks include Barclaycard (nma 23 June 2009), Paramount Pictures (nma 18 June 2009) and Transport for London (nma 28 May 2009).



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